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(Please Don’t) Ring My Bell

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At my high school, we referred to it as “Toxic Hell.” I found out later that other high schools did this, too. And we thought we were so clever.

Apparently, we were on to something, in our surprising 16 year old wisdom. Taco Bell is being sued for false advertisement, claiming that their burritos and other sort-of-Mexican goodies are made with beef. Turns out, their taco mix is about 36% beef, while the rest is definitively “other.” Meat eaters can breathe easy that the remaining 64% is made up of things like “isolated oat product” instead of “random pig part” like in so many deli meats. Or was that a high school rumor, too?

Obit Taco Bell DogBig sigh of relief from this guy.

What’s truly disturbing is not that Taco Bell has been allegedly misrepresenting their meat content (is anyone really that surprised?); what bothers this girl is that they are just shy of the federal standards for non-meat products within “meat.” If their taco filling contained 40% beef, they could have called it beef all day long without any consequence.

So what got Taco Bell into trouble (allegedly) was not the 64% of non-meat they touted as beef, but just 4 little percentage points. In my high school, that was the difference between a B and a B+.

Any non-meat-eaters out there who run out of reasons when people ask them why they’re vegetarians, you might want to stick this little factoid in your back pocket.

taco-bell-couponThese people are another great reason to avoid the Border

*By Jesy, who will not let this little mishap kill her love of cheap Mexican food, just crappy, cheap Mexican food.

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2 Responses to “(Please Don’t) Ring My Bell”
  1. joelle says:

    That end picture is great! I am totally using that now


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