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Getting Personal with Florida-Georgia Line

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With the recent release of their debut EP: Anything Like Me, Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley of Florida Georgia Line are ready to take on 2011 swinging!  Tyler and Brian both open up and let us into their world in our latest PV  band InnerView:

Can you give us a rundown of your recent EP release?

Yes! Our debut EP is filled with songs that we have written over the past couple of years together. Everything we wrote for it we felt best describes who we are and who we want to be. We love rockin’ country songs about drinkin’, girls, and trucks, but we also love songs about relationships, God, family, and what has made us who we are today. We just want to write songs that are real, and stay true to who we are.

You guys have a great sound, who were/are some of your musical influences?

We have a big variety of people who influence us, but some of our musical influences include: Garth Brooks, Tim McGraw, Casting Crowns, Shane & Shane, Jason Aldean, Jamey Johnson, Lil Wayne, Kenny Chesney, Corey Smith, and Lynyrd Skynyrd.

What are you guys looking forward to in 2011?

This year we are looking forward to getting outside of Tennessee and playing as many shows as we can and getting to know as many fans as possible. We are currently writing new songs and will be recording in the coming months, which is something we’re very excited about.

Let’s get personal:

Do you eat breakfast? If so, what did you have today?

Brian: Today I had three eggs for breakfast…… Well, I guess you would call it lunch since it was at 12:15.
Tyler: Three eggs, two pieces of sausage, and cinnamon raisin toast.

If I had any superpower it would be….because…

Brian: If I had any super power it would be to be telepathic. I’d love to read people’s minds and know what they’re really thinking.
Tyler: If I had any super power it would be to be able to fly. Who wouldn’t want to fly? Also, I wouldn’t have to go through airport security.

If I could trade places with any musician past or present it would be…

Brian: If I could trade places with any musician past or present it would be Garth Brooks. He’s the man. Could not imagine playing to thousands of fans singing along to every single word for two hours straight?
Tyler: If I could trade places with any musician past or present it would be Tim McGraw. He knows how to touch a crowd through his life experiences and songs and has done so for years.

…is on my desktop background:

Brian: My dog Blue is on my desktop background. Although most of the time you cannot even see him because I have so many documents saved on it.
Tyler: Picture of an FGL live show at 12th and Porter is on my desktop background.

My biggest musical accomplishment so far…

Both: Having our single playing on Nashville XM 11 and other FM stations around the country.


Not personal enough?

The guys take our InnerView one step further and share some other fun and random facts about themselves!

Tyler: I think I’m getting addicted to tattoos.

Brian: I love dogs, and cannot wait to have a house full of them.

Both: Living together for the past two years has really affected our music and songwriting. We have been able to write whenever we want and grow on a business level as well as become best friends.

Tyler: My favorite place to listen to new songs is in my truck. The 12-inch sub in the middle seat makes it feel like you are at a live show.

Brian: My favorite actor is Jim Carrey!

Tyler: Nothing is better than going on a ride on my motorcycle on a warm day.

Brian: Sometimes I wish lived in Colorado half of the year to be a ski bum.

For more information on Florida-Georgia Line be sure to check out their official website here. Also stay socially connected with the guys on their Twitter and Facebook.

You can also purchase their debut EP on itunes and on Amazon.

*by Candace, who is ready for bed at 7:30 pm. Yikes!

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