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Anti-Gay Marriage Activists Ruin Everything… Again

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I was able to keep from writing pages on the midterm elections and the regrettable outcomes we saw in places like Kentucky, Florida and North Carolina. I kept my mouth and typing shut when the tea party called President Obama’s upcoming diplomatic trip to India a “tax-payer funded vacation.” (Presumably, they would prefer he go to Camp David for some 70 days a year.) I didn’t even (publicly) complain when tea partiers stomped on a woman’s head at a Rand Paul Rally.

But now these people have gone too far.

Three judges who voted to make gay marriage legal in Iowa were voted out of office this week. Thanks to campaigning funded largely by out-of-state special interest groups, the public in Iowa was worked into a mild tizzy about these judges not representing the voters’ opinions on gay marriage and voters opted to have them removed from the bench. No one seemed to notice or care that representing the voters’ opinions is not what judges are supposed to do.

AntiGay Marriage

What’s Next? A truly free county, maybe.

Judges interpret and enforce the law. There’s even a cartoon about it for anyone who needs further clarification. Representatives (conveniently, these folks are usually called “State Representatives” or “House Representatives” to make it easier for everyone to understand), are meant to represent voters’ opinions. Judges are meant to hold their feet to the fire when they decide to “represent” an opinion that’s grossly unconstitutional, in addition to being stupid and wrong.

three ring

See how nice and separate they are?

Iowa judges allowed gay marriage in Iowa because it was the best interpretation of Iowa law that affects Iowa residents. Any group that hails from a state that is NOT Iowa is free to voice an opinion on this; technically, they are also free to raise and spend unprecedented amounts of money to influence state elections in a state they ARE NOT FROM. However, it seems ill-advised for these groups, who are fundamentally linked to a party that claims to be so supportive of states’ rights, to get so deeply involved with OTHER states’ rights.

IowaGaysSee, just Iowa. Fear not, Minnesota. That rainbow’s not crossing any borders…

Although, it’s not surprising to see them push so hard against committed relationships between people they don’t like very much. Yet more evidence that the tea party is less a political movement and more a backwards step in political, social and intellectual evolution.

Oh, sorry, intellectual “design.”

*By Jesy, who is pissed.

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