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Lights, Camera, Photoshoot!

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I’m a freelance hair stylist and makeup artist, and I LOVE my job.


(working on model Samantha Walnoha for a photo shoot)

Sometimes the jobs can be sparse, the hours long, the environments stressful–complete diva attitudes and not that great of pay–but on the plus side, I get to do something I absolutely am having fun with and extremely passionate about, I get to work with some of the most incredible people in the industry, and I get to work behind the scenes in film and fashion, with bands, at photo shoots, on music videos and tons more. The entertainment industry is my life’s guilty pleasure, so even getting the opportunity to work on what I have  has been a complete dream come true.  So to share with you all a little bit of my heaven, I’ll give you a little behind the scenes look at my latest project: working as a hair stylist and assisting the lovely Rachael Ryan ( on a photo shoot for Rue 21.

rue 21 shoot 048

(Rachael Ryan touching up a Model for the shoot)

The day began when my lovely alarm went on at 4 a.m.–glorious indeed (especiallyif you’re not a morning person like myself).  After my little over an hour commute to Pittsburgh, I meet up with Rachael–a beautifully talented makeup artist–and we head on up to Mt. Washington.  The scene is a beautiful one, a bright sunny day, the view of the city is incredible; it already was starting to be a good day.  After meeting the people from Rue and the models, it’s time to set up and get to work.

What I love about working on photo shoots is the versatility that can come with the territory.  Some shoots I’ll do wacked out, over the top hair and makeup, and others are more basic day-to-day relaxed. This one had a relaxed/rock/beachy vibe–basically a hip, young attitude going for it (which is super fun).  I like sticking with themes I can relate to and something I find myself attracted to. The models were so fantastic. They all had great hair!

Models: Brittany, Rachael and Alexarue 21 shoot 065

Models: Dylan, Alex and CJ
rue 21 shoot 054

The lovely, young, hot models were tons of fun and had beautiful personalities to match up with their appearances, which is something that really helps make the environment more enjoyable all around for everyone. The only real challenge of the day was the heat and humidity. The fact that most of the shots took place outside placed a bit of a challenge to keep the ladies hair from frizzing and keeping volume in it, how we did it? Secrets of the trade!

rue 21 shoot 085

Models: Dylan and Alexa during a shoot for cologne.

Another challenging yet fun part of the day was that everything was shot in public territory of the city. It’s hard to tell by my pictures, but there were cars and people walking and driving through our shoots all day; which again posed a slow up every now and then and in the different settings posed a little challenging for hair and makeup set up (sometimes we had to just throw our stuff on the sidewalk and work out of our bags) , but that made it real. The shots were real and sometimes with a photo shoot focused towards a young crowd, those are the most pleasing views to put out there. About 14 hours after my day began, it was finally time to pack everything up and head on home.  By this time I was a hot sweaty mess, but had a blast working with a wonderful group of people. Be sure to look for the official photos from the shoot for the Rue 21 Fall Clothing Line in stores and online at

*By Candace, who loves rockin’ out some new fall clothes.

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3 Responses to “Lights, Camera, Photoshoot!”
  1. joelle says:

    I want to to shop here. They all look great! Is it affiliated with Forever 21 at all?

  2. Candace says:

    actually I believe they are. I should’ve written here a little more about the clothing line itself. It’s really young and affordable. Perfect for the times and everything is extremely fashionable!


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