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Modern Day Greek Goddess- Meet Sofia Toufa

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“Being from Europe and being able to live in the states and be working in this field with all these amazing, super talented individuals is a highlight in itself…”- Sofia Toufa

*By Joelle

Remember Athena, Aphrodite or Demeter? Didn’t think so. How about Gaea or Hera? Mmm hmm… Well, here’s the newest Greek Goddess on the block and you won’t be forgetting her name anytime soon: Sofia Toufa.

It’s no surprise that since Planet Verge first met Miss Sofi over a year ago, she has garnered herself a fan base so big that there are even MySpace pages dedicated to her.

”It’s the cutest thing,” she says of her online fans. “I feel so honored and flattered and appreciate it so much. If I can inspire anyone with what I do- that’s the most amazing thing to me.”

What she does is make her dreams come true. The spunky German-born entertainer said good-bye to pop star life in her native land (where her R&B act Danacee was signed to Def Jam), bravely boarded a plane and unpacked her bags in Los Angeles.

From there, Sofi’s story continues to turn pages. The one-and-only Butch Walker (Google the name if you’re so unfortunate as to not know it) handpicked her to be one-half of his singer/dancer back-up combo during the Butch Walker and the Let’s Go Out Tonites tour. And thus, the whirlwind began.

Today, Sofi flutters around on stage nightly with Avril Lavigne. They first met during Butch’s “Beth Amphetamine” photo shoot, during which a raven-haired Avril made a guest-appearance.

Later, Avril approached Sofi after watching her on stage during a Let’s Go Out Tonite’s set, Sofi tells. “She said she was going to have auditions to put together a new band and that she’d love for me to come down and audition. I was obviously really flattered but didn’t think that she’d actually call.”

Well, she did. And now Sofi collaborates with her partner-in-groove from the Let’s Go Out Tonites-Lindsey Blaufarb- and Craig Hollaman to choreograph all the routines you’ve been seeing on stage during Avril’s tour and her performances on the MTV Video Music Awards and Saturday Night Live.

“We’ve traveled the world this past year. I had never been to China before so that was exciting, and again there’s a bunch of places I hadn’t seen in the USA.”

While on the road with Butch’s bunch, the girls were the minority on the tour bus. With things reversed this time around, the vibe is a bit different. “I hate to say it, but I do feel like girls are a bit more dramatic,” reveals Sofi, continuing, “At the same time, it’s kinda nice to have females around that can relate to things that guys obviously can’t!”

Things like style must-haves: skinny black jeans, scarves, bandanas, Converse and loads of accessories. This fashionista can’t live without ‘em. One look at her and it’s hardly surprising that she feels most beautiful bearing a new haircut (hot pink, anyone?) and purple eyeliner while being in shape and eating healthy. And when it comes to her wardrobe, Sofi says her philosophy is “Definitely not less is more!” She elaborates, “Classy, not trashy. And I don’t like being uncomfortable and having to pull on my clothing all day long.”

With such passion for fashion, it’s only natural that she hopes to have a clothing line in the future, along with a record of her own, a movie and says Sofi, “I better stop before I sound too ridiculous! Seriously, I have endless goals, both personal and business. I just wanna be happy and continue doing what I love to do the most and hopefully help out other people reach their goals.”

While nothing else is confirmed for the immediate future, she’s quick to point out, “So far everything that has happened is not something I had planned out.” (Like also backup singing for Fall Out Boy, The Von Bondies, Rockstar Supernova with Tommy Lee, Jason Newsted and Gilby Clarke and The Academy Is). “Everything I’m doing as of now is helping me to get to that point where I’m absolutely ready for it.”

“You know, it’s that time of year when you start reflecting,” she concludes on her e-mail pre-show in Minneapolis. “I really enjoy this whirlwind. I don’t really wanna get out of it.”

To read more about Sofi’s background and her adventures on tour with Buch Walker, check out Planet Verge’s introductory interview with her in 2006 from our print issue 15 online now.

Drop Sofi a line and tell her how rad she is:


PLANET VERGE: You said you were at Butch’s (Walker) Malibu home a few hours before it burnt down. Did you witness any of the fires firsthand?

SOFIA TOUFA: No, I didn’t. Me and my friend Johnny were at the house watching the dogs. I’d left the house that night to meet up with another friend. Johnny woke up in the middle of the night and managed to save the dogs and three hard drives while the back of the house was already on fire. I can’t believe he got out of there! He left his car and took theirs to fit the dogs!

PLANET VERGE: What most attracts you to a guy?

SOFIA TOUFA: Personality, confidence not cockiness, great sense of humor-somewhat dorky. I’m a sucker for tattoos. The “I’m a dirty looking bad boy clean guy” that has an opinion but isn’t judgmental, is worldly and passionate and creative. Know anyone?

PLANET VERGE: Best cure for a broken heart?

SOFIA TOUFA: Great friends that are gonna sit down with you over some sweet potato fries and talk shit about this guy that doesn’t see how great you are and that he’s missing out, Sex and the City, working out and treating yourself and a hot new date. Don’t ever just sit in your room by yourself for days! That just makes it worse.

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7 Responses to “Modern Day Greek Goddess- Meet Sofia Toufa”
  1. Wow, I just want to say that I think Sofi is amazing. I know looks are not everything dadadadada, but it was kinda cool for me, because today 03/15/2011 is the first time I actually set out to find images of her. I first heard of Sofi from 4×4=12 and I am old school State Palace Theatre New Orleans boy so I was really into the female vocal aspect of progressive trance, house, etc. I was waiting for Joel to find a female vocalist that had a voice that could match his style, which seems somewhat hard to do. The vocalist before Sofi just didn’t quit grab my attention. Then I hear Sofi! Honestly i had a crush on her by her voice alone. I said to myself, this girl has got it, she has that edge and balance! Then I thought, “Man I am going to go out of my way to avoid seeing a picture of her, because I fell in love with her voice and that charisma that is so distinguished, and I didn’t want the image i created in my mind to be like way off. Call me shallow, call me superficial but I wanted her to be hot! My idea of hot is not easy to find, and it is not your typical say “Playmate” but rather Sofi in a nutshell. Tommy isn’t stupid he knows a “once in a life time” girl when he meets one. I am so jealous of him. Man. She has got the whole package, “Beautiful, but not conventional, sexy but not slutty, punk rock but feminine, alpha female but approachable, kind but not co-dependent, aware of girl drama but appreciates and looks out for her girlfriends, rockstar but health and in shape, attitude but sensitive, and best of all she had the guts to take what ever opportunity came her way, and stayed humble, and as a result doors opened for her, and she has many dreams and goals, and I am that way I want to do it all, of course it takes action, and she inspires me. I believe she will accomplish all she dreams of if she stays Sofi and grounded which I am sure she will. Man, she is just the whole package for me. Again let me remind you, I first her the day “Sofi Needs a Ladder” came out! I don’t know how far back that was but do the math today is March 15th. I fell in love with her voice and her passion that came with her voice first, everything else was a major bonus. Tommy Lee better not let her go! He will regret that shit for ever!

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